About Us

The Sounds of Joy are the sons and daughters of Dwayne, Sr. and Linda Stokes Morris. Born and raised in the Refuge Temple Ministries in Warfield, VA where Bishop Thurman L. Hargrove, Sr. is pastor. The Sounds of Joy were blessed to begin their ministry at an early age. Aaron was blessed with the gift of playing by ear. Later, he was afforded the opportunity to study music theory privately. The four older, Dwayne, Jr.,  Aaron,  Gale, and , William, each played in the Brunswick County Public Schools Marching Band before transferring to Refuge Temple Christian Academy.  By the inspiration of God, each of them have been blessed to write, compose and arrange numerous songs. It is their mission to minister world wide spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through song and exaltation while at the same time encouraging others to share their God given gifts and talents to the glory of God.  Each member of the Sounds of Joy has a love for and are dedicated to the music ministry. They have been blessed to minister on various occasions in various places.



Dwayne Jr., (Above), is married to lady Dominique Rhodes Morris of Nottoway County, VA. He is the proud father of a bouncing little boy and a lovely little lady.He has a BS Degree with Endorsements in Elementary Education and Middle School History, from Saint Paul's College (2008). He continues his career path as an educator in the  public school system. As of May 2014, he now holds a Master's of Education in administration and supervision from VA State University.

Aaron graduated with a BS Degree in Business Administration with an Endorsement in Business Education, from Saint Paul's College (2010). He is currently employed as an educator in the public school system and is married to lady Felecity Pope Morris of Petersburg, VA. He is pursuing a Master's in Education. 

Gale is a graduate of Saint Paul's College with a BA  in English with a Minor in Political Science.  She too is an educator in the public school system and is married to Master Adam Henderson of VA Beach,  VA

William "Irving" is presently in pursuit of his life career as a counselor.

John is a student at VA State University pursuing his career as an educator.

 Elois the youngest of the group is in pursuit of a career as a cosmetologist and clinical/family psychologist.